Join us for a special Drop- In Class for Forensic Science 

When: November 16, 2017 10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: The CENTER by REACH 434 Malcolm X Blvd

Course Description

Forensic science is the application of multiple scientific disciplines to the
investigation of criminal questions of the law. In this course, we will use biology,
chemistry, and physics to analyze and interpret evidence within the realm of our legal
system to solve crimes. We will begin the course with an introduction to scientific
inquiry, logical reasoning skills, and the process of forensic investigation. We will apply
our knowledge of investigation to the analysis of physical evidence, such as impression
marks, fingerprints, DNA, blood, and chromatography. Students will actively participate
in labs and activities relating to the investigation of crime and analysis of evidence, such
as a Fingerprinting Analysis Lab, Bite Mark Impression Lab, Tire Track Impressions
Challenge, Paper Chromatography Ink Analysis Lab, Blood Typing Lab, Blood Splatter
Physics Lab, and Strawberry DNA Extraction.

Course Goals
 Develop an understanding and appreciation for the scope of forensic science
 Develop an understanding of the scientific method in the context of the law.
 Develop an understanding of the particulars for each forensic sub-discipline.
 Demonstrate appropriate research, evaluation, and presentation skills.

Course Topics
 Collection & recording of data
 Legal roles & duties of investigators
 Extrapolation of evidence
 Physical & chemical separation
 Chemical analysis
 Physical analysis
 Biological analysis
 Toxicology/serology
 Anthropology of crime scene
 DNA analysis


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